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  About River and Stream Flows
Angler Guide is proud to announce a new addition to services we provide. Beginning is mid February, River and Streams current flows will be available for most of
Above is snippet with flow volume.
the rivers in the Continental US.  The first phase will begin with roughly 3300 locations, with reports generated every 15 minutes when possible. 

Depending on the river or stream's fishing report, a snippet will be display with the latest flow information is available. If users need more detailed information, the text information on the snippet links to a page the provide more detailed information, such as, observation history, forecasted flows, hydrograph, flood impacts, historical events and nearby gauges. 

Optional River Flow SnippetAngler Guide now provide snippets for websites.. The snippet will link back to AnglerGuide.com detailed information page.

Thank you for visiting our website...

Ben Arellano

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